MSIV Accessions FAQ

1. Who Manages and Schedules BOLC dates for Army Reserve Lieutenants?

2. Is BOLC Attendance a Requirement for Army Reserve Officers?

3. May I change my BOLC Reporting date?

4. Can I receive an educational delay?

5. Component and branch transfer requests

6. Is a unit assignment a requirement?

7. How do I schedule a unit assignment?

8. What if I haven't found a unit of assignment before I get my BOLC date?

9. Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Cadets

10. Can I request Gold bar Recruiter Duty (GBRD)?

General:This information sheet answers questions regarding Army Reserve Duty military status and obligations.This information does not apply to cadets selected for Active Duty, Educational Delay, or the Early Commissioning Program.

1.Who manages and schedules BOLC dates for Army Reserve Lieutenants?

Army Reserve Lieutenants are managed by the United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) G1, Initial Entry Training (IET) section.They will coordinate your accessions into the reserves as well as schedule your BOLC dates.You will be notified by AKO, e-mail notification, and CCIMS on your scheduled BOLC class date.Your scheduled BOLC date is based on your OML ranking, available seats in your branch, and your requested selection dates.Your three Reserve BOLC selection dates you requested on the CCF 67-9-1-Rwill be considered but is not guaranteed.

If you have not received your BOLC date by mid-Apr, please contact the following points of contact (POC): USARC IET TOLL FREE NUMBER is (800) 359-8483, select OPT 1 (after dialing toll free, need to enter the 7-digit phone number)

Point of Contact



Phone Number

LTC Flanton

Team Chief


MSG Taamilo



Elizabeth Fargason



LTC Wynn




2.Is BOLC Attendance a Requirement for Army Reserve officers?

Yes.Officers commissioned from ROTC will be ordered to active duty for training (ADT) for the length of time required to complete BOLC plus travel time.You do not have up to 36 months to attend BOLC as a Reserve Duty officer.IAW with AR 140-9, you are required to attend BOLC within one-year of date of commission-the exception is for RC officers attending BOLC after one-year due to a lack of available BOLC seats.Failure to attend BOLC may result in adverse personnel action and recoupment of scholarship funds.

3.May I change my BOLC Reporting date?

Dates maybe changed on case by case bases.Health emergencies are a valid consideration.Changes in college graduation dates (verified by your PMS) may result in a change in your BOLC date. Employment conflicts, graduate school, and personal plans (ex. your wedding) are not valid reasons for rescheduling BOLC. Know your BOLC reporting date before making personal commitments.

4.Can I receive an educational delay?

No. The education delay program is not applicable to cadets voluntarily or involuntarily selected for Reserve Component Duty (RD).Only cadets selected for Active Duty (AD) can request an educational delay.There is no restriction for attending graduate school after commissioning. However, you are required to attend your scheduled BOLC date, which may conflict with your studies.Strongly advise that you plan to attend graduate school after completion of BOLC.

5.Component and branch transfer requests?

Cadets selected for Reserve Duty- can request a branch transfer by submitting a DA 4187 ( not a by-name request (BNR)) through the USACC chain-of-command.The designated component (AR or NG) will consider requests for branch transfer; however, branching requirements and availability of BOLC seats take precedence.Deadline for submitting DA 4187 for branch transfer request is Mid-January.

Cadets involuntarily selected for the Army Reserve will have 60 days from date of branch notification to locate a unit/branch using the REQUEST system to generate a vacant hold.If an involuntarily selected cadet does not locate a unit/branch within the allotted time, then the USARC) G1, Initial Entry Training (IET) section will select base of the needs of the Army Reserve.

NOTE:After commissioning.It is imperative that you contact your Army Reserve POC (POC info provided upon receiving scheduled BOLC date from USARC) G1, Initial Entry Training (IET) section prior to coordinating a component/branch change after commissioning.DO NOT ASSUME that you are entitled to switch component/branch using a BNR with a unit commander’s signature.Each request for component/branch change is considered on a case-by-case basis.

For example :2LT Initiative has received Army Reserve orders and decides he does not want to be a chemical officer in the Army Reserve.2LT Initiative is interested in aviation and proceeds to a National Guard recruiter requesting a state appointment.2LT Initiative locates an aviation unit, the commander accepts his request by signing a BNR memo, and the state appoints him to the National Guard.However, 2LT Initiative’s current assignment is in the Army Reserve.The Regional Readiness Command (AR) will forward the officer’s request for component/branch transfer to USARC IET for consideration. Based on the critical shortage of company grade officers in the Army Reserve, 2LT Initiative’s request for transfer to the NG may be denied. Conversely, this also applies for National Guard officers attempting to transfer to the Army Reserve.

6.Is a unit assignment a requirement?

Yes.You must serve in an Army Reserve Troop Program Unit (TPU) and participate in all scheduled training assemblies, normally one weekend each month and not less than 12 days of annual active duty for training.All personnel incur an 8-year statutory military service obligation (MSO) upon initial entry into the Armed Forces.

7.How do I find a unit assignment?

Use the REQUEST system on this website to locate lieutenant vacancies nation wide. Your PMS or Human Resource Assistant will assist in finding a unit in REQUEST.A tutorial explaining how to do this is available at URL: , RC REQUEST System Tutorial. All PMS' are required to have their own log-in and password for their individual programs. Unit assignments will be based on a validated Unit Vacancy Hold Report using the REQUEST at .PMS' must utilize REQUEST for all USAR Unit Vacancy Hold Reports.Instructions for REQUEST can be found at the USAR website .Cadets may, but are not required to, visit with units or gain a unit commander’s signature on a Unit Vacancy Hold Report. Once you have a control number contact Mrs. Sandra Balkcom at the USARC at 404-464-9671 or 404-464-8931 or at [email protected]; She will complete the process and lock in the assignment.Complete this process by Mid-January for the BOLC board.

8.What if I haven't found a unit of assignment before I get my BOLC date?

After you receive your scheduled BOLC date via AKO (ensure your AKO account is up to date) e-mail notification, or CCIMS, you will be provided an Army Reserve point-of-contact (POC) with a toll-free phone number to start the unit assignment process.

After commissioning, you will be assigned to a Regional Readiness Command (RRC) Trainees, Transients, Holdees, and Students (TTHS) account when your military records have been processed into the Army Reserve. Your TTHS assignment will be based on your unit vacancy hold in REQUEST or the last known address in the ROTC database. Upon receipt of TTHS orders, you are required to call the toll-free number to contact the appropriate RRC for appropriate in-processing. If you specified a unit during the accessions process using REQUEST to select your unit and branch, then you will be attached to that unit. If you did not request a unit then you are assigned to the TTHS and you will be attached to a unit in your branch. Every effort will be made to attach you to a unit within a reasonable commuting distance. If you move to a new location that is not within reasonable commuting distance of the unit you selected through IN REQUEST, then you will need to immediately contact the Army Reserve POC for assistance. You will remain assigned to the TTHS until completion of BOLC.

9.When do I leave the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) as a Cadet?

Upon commissioning you are discharged as a cadet E5 and your SMP status is terminated.You will be reassigned to the TTHS in the Army Reserve. You must not continue to drill with your SMP unit! If you drill with any unit (including your SMP unit) without assignment orders, you will not get paid- NO EXCEPTIONS ! Unit assignment orders will not be backdated to cover drills attended prior to the effective date of unit assignment as an officer.If your SMP unit chain-of-command orders you to continue drilling, you must contact your Army Reserve POC immediately for assistance.

10.Can I request a Temporary Tour of Active Duty (TTAD) for Gold Bar Recruiter Duty (GBR)?

Yes, if funds are available, Army Reserve Duty cadets are eligible to apply for the GBR program for up to 179 days prior to attending BOLC depending on the needs of the Region Commander. You must have and cannot delay your scheduled BOLC date, and you must first be accessed into the Army Reserve and be assigned to a unit before being placed on GBR duty.

The GBR application packets are available on the USACC website: . Do not bypass your Region chain-of-command when requesting this duty.