Green to Gold


The Green To Gold (G2G) Program is for active duty enlisted personnel who wish to become commissioned officers in the Army. If accepted in the G2G program, soldiers are discharged early from active duty to attend college and return to active duty as a commissioned officer after college. The G2G program offers a scholarship and a non-scholarship option. Scholarships are available for 2,3,and 4 years of college. Application window is 1 October through 1 April. Further information is also available on line at or call 1-800-USA-ROTC.





Upon graduation from UCF, the cadet will be commissioned as a 2LT and serve on active duty for 4 years if a scholarship recipient and 2 years if non-scholarship.

All cadets are required to take one ROTC course per quarter (see below) and a lab. The time commitment is approximate 5-7 hours weekly. Incoming freshmen will take all 4 years of Army ROTC. Incoming sophomores will take 3 years and incoming juniors will take 2 years of Army ROTC.

Basic Course (Freshman and Sophomore Years)
Basic Rappelling 1 hr.
Marksmanship and Leadership 1 hr.
Military Field Crafts 1 hr.
Leadership Foundations 2 hrs.
Historical Perspectives of Leadership 2 hrs.
Leadership in Today's Society 2 hrs.

Advanced Course (Junior and Senior Years)
Leadership and Military Skills I 3 hrs.
Leadership and Military Skills II 3 hrs.
Leadership and Military Skills III 3 hrs.
Special Topics for Officers 2 hrs.
Legal Issues for the Military 2 hrs.
Ethics and Leadership 2 hrs.

In addition to the ROTC courses listed above all cadets must take one class in each of the following areas to fulfill Professional Military Education requirements: military history, basic computer skills, oral communication, and written communication

All cadets are required to attend Physical Training (PT) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 0630 – 0730.

All Cadets take part in one Field Training Exercise (FTX) every quarter. This usually involves a Thursday through Sunday at a nearby military base.