The University of Central Florida, in cooperation with the US Army, provides an opportunity to earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant and compete for an active duty assignment or accept a guaranteed Army Reserve or National Guard position. The program offers four-year, three-year, and two-year scholarship options for students working on their Associate, Baccalaureate, or Graduate degrees. All scholarships can be used for full tuition OR room and board up to $10,000 per year. Contracted Cadets additionally receive $300-$500 monthly stipend (depending on their academic year and $1200 per year for books and fees. Students may be eligible for the Army's Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) which combines Reserve Forces Duty with Army ROTC courses on campus.


The Military Science on-campus curriculum is divided into two phases: Basic Military Science Course and Advanced Military Science Course.

1. Basic Military Science

The Basic Military Science courses are designed for three-year and four-year participants and are normally offered during the freshman and sophomore years. These courses address time-management skills, military customs and courtesies, organization, equipment, map reading, land navigation, grade structure, communications, and leadership. There are no contractual obligations or commitments for students in the Basic Course phase. The Basic Course offers students the opportunity to experience Army ROTC with no commitment. Students will also participate in a weekly leadership lab and one Field Training Exercise (FTX). These courses fulfill prerequisite requirements for entering the Advanced Military Science phase.

2. Advanced Military Science

The Advanced Military Science courses are taken during the junior and senior years. These courses specialize in small unit tactics, military justice system, staff procedures, military decision-making, and leadership. Students who desire a commission as a Second Lieutenant are contracted and paid a tax-free subsistence of $400 - $500 per month up to 10 months during the school year. Each student will graduate with a minor in Military Sciences. The minor includes 19 credit hours of Military Science courses and a US Military History class which all meet the Army's Professional Military Education Requirements. Students must meet prerequisite requirements prior to participating in the advanced program. They must also successfully complete a 32-day Advanced Camp leadership assessment at Fort Knox, KY, normally between their junior and senior years.

Prerequisites for Admission to the Advanced Course include:

  • Successful completion of Basic Course. Credit is also given to Cadets with prior military service or by attending a 4-weeks of summer Advanced Camp prior to the start of their Junior Year
  • Must be at least 17 years of age at the time of entry, but not more that 31 years of age at the time of commissioning for scholarship Cadets. Non-scholarship cadets can be up to 36 at the time of commissioning with a waiver
  • Successful completion of a Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board (DoDMERB) Physical
  • Agreement to complete the Advanced Course requirements and serve on either Active, Reserve, or National Guard duty as a commissioned officer
  • Full-time undergraduate student status (minimum of 12 hours); full-time graduate student status (minimum of nine hours)
  • US Citizen

3. Monetary Allowance

All contracted and scholarship students enrolled in the Advanced Military Science Courses receive a tax-free monetary allowance of $400 (junior) or $500 (senior) per month during the school year.

4. Scholarships

Four-, three-, and two-year scholarships are available for all students who qualify. These scholarships provide full tuition OR room and Board up to $10,000 / year and $900 / year for books and fees.

5. Placement Credit

Placement credit is offered to students with prior service experience. Prior service experience waives the required Basic Courses. Prior service credit is extended to Active duty, Reserve Forces, and National Guard Soldiers. Although prior service does waive the Basic Courses, if a prior service student desires, he/she may elect to enroll in the Basic Courses.


1. Basic & Advanced Camp

A student can earn placement credit for the Basic Course classes and be allowed entry into the Advanced Course by attending a four-week course at Fort Knox, KY, thereby allowing completion of all requirements for commissioning within two years. Students attending the summer course receive approximately $800.00 during their stay. Additionally, all lodging, meals, and transportation are furnished. Uniforms will also be provided at no expense.

2. Specialized Summer Training Courses

Qualified students can be selected to attend specialized military training occurring during the summer months. These areas of training include:

  • Airborne Training
  • Air Assault Training
  • Northern Warfare Training
  • Cadet Troop Leadership Training
  • Master Fitness Training
  • Mountain Training.