The University of Central Florida Department of Military Science is home to the Fighting Knight's Battalion, the Army ROTC unit which serves students at UCF, Valencia Community College, and Seminole Community College.

Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is a program which can enhance a student's college education by providing unique leadership training and management experience. It helps to develop the qualities necessary for success in either a military or civilian career. Students are given a valuable opportunity to build for the future by earning a college degree and an Army Officer's commission at the same time.

Freshmen and sophomores interested in taking a closer look at ROTC can get involved by simply enrolling in one of our basic course classes (1001C or 2101C), and there's no obligation for doing so. Many of our cadets have applied for, and won, Army ROTC scholarships. High school seniors can apply for four year scholarships, while college freshmen and sophomores can apply for three year and two year scholarships, respectively. Army ROTC scholarships can pay up to $10,000 a year towards tuition, room and board, plus $1200 a year for books and fees, and $300-$500 per month stipend.

Our curriculum is designed to train and develop future leaders. Military Science classes cover management, ethics, tactics, law, military history, and the Army society. Students get to apply the methods learned in classroom instruction on semi-annual leadership development exercises at local training areas.

Army ROTC offers challenges to cadets of all abilities. Cadets run their own team sport - Ranger Challenge. The Ranger Challenge Team competes with other schools throughout Central Florida and the South Eastern United States in physical fitness events and military skills. Additionally, the department organizes special events year-round, to include team-building trips, rappelling, volunteer opportunities and our annual formal.

For any questions regarding the Army ROTC program here at UCF contact our enrollment officer, Reinaldo Morales by phone at 407.823.2649 or email at [email protected]

Our Mission
Societies look to professional organizations to provide functions that are essential for their well being and survival. The military is one such institution, serving society as a whole, providing that which fellow citizens cannot provide themselves - National Security. Society invests responsibility in the military profession through the Officer's Commission. Officership is the practice of being a commissioned Army Leader, inspired by a unique professional identity that is shaped by what an officer must KNOW and DO, but most importantly, by a deeply held personal understanding and acceptance of what an officer must BE. This unique self-concept incorporates four interrelated roles: Warfighter, servant to the nation, member of the Army profession, and leader of character. The first step to officership is knowing all your options.

Contact Information

General information: 407.823.2430
Scholarship Information: 407.823.2649
E-mail: Reinaldo Morales, Enrollment Officer at [email protected]

Postal Address:

University of Central Florida
Army ROTC Department
P.O. Box 163377
Orlando, FL 32816-3377

UCF Army ROTC Unit History

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), as it exists today, began with President Wilson signing the National Defense Act of 1916. The National Defense Act brought all military training being conducted at colleges and universities under a single, federally-controlled entity called The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC).

Prior to 1986, UCF Army ROTC was administered through Stetson University. We have history dating back to when CPT Hornaday was the Professor of Military Science, labs were conducted only once a month, and the PMS carried a .45 cal pistol to fend off drug smugglers. It is not uncommon to hear alumni reminiscing about operating the ROTC department out of the back of the PMS’ trunk. Although UCF is a very young university, it has expanded rapidly to become the 2nd largest university in the nation with 12 regional campuses throughout Central Florida.

Expansion of the Army ROTC Department has progressed just as quickly. On October 15, 1986, the University of Central Florida was officially established as an ROTC host school. The Department of the Army authorized 4 Officers and 4 Non-Commissioned Officers to serve as the original Cadre. These numbers would grow steadily throughout the years. The number of participating Cadets, however, varied throughout UCF’s history. Enrollment varied from as low as 20 during the program’s infancy to its current numbers of nearly 240 Cadets. UCF Army ROTC also has affiliations with Seminole Community College (SCC) and Valencia Community College (VCC). Although all ROTC offices and functions exist on the UCF main campus, SCC and VCC provide an excellent source for quality Cadets.

The Fighting Knights Battalion has most recently been recognized as one of the top 8% ROTC schools in the country since 1999 and received “Best Battalion” honors in 2002 as well as the MacArthur award of national excellence in 2013. We continually set a high standard for leadership training and look forward to maintaining our reputation for producing top-quality Officers for the United States Army.